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From: Kara Brown
Subject: College Crossdressing Slut 15: First night with Daddy Chapter 15
First Night with Daddy I woke up the next morning tired and with a little bit of a
headache. Despite that I was extremely horny. I loved sucking cock, it
may be my favorite thing to do, but I really needed to get fucked. I just
realized I’d sucked four Preteen Erotica different cocks since I last had one in my ass. I
needed to study for my finals next week but there was no way I was going to
be productive considering how horny I was. I needed to get fucked before I
could concentrate properly. I called Robert to see if he could come fuck
me but he had gone to Vegas with Lance and a couple other friends. I
considered e-mailing Keith from the night before but I thought that might
seem weird. I was going crazy though and really needed a good fucking. I
decided my best option was to call Gary. I was a little worried as I’d
never met him face to face but he seemed pretty good looking from his
picture. Besides, I’d always wanted to be with an older guy. I picked up
the phone and decided to call him. We chatted for a bit, then I asked if
he had any plans tonight. “I’m not doing anything tonight.” He replied “Cool. I was wondering if my bikini came in?” “It sure did. I had it express delivered.” He replied “Cool. I was hoping Preteen Erotica maybe I could come by tonight and maybe we
could hang out in your hot tub?” I asked hopefully. “Really sweetie? That would be great.” He replied. “Why don’t
you come over about 6:00 and I’ll make us dinner.” “That would be awesome.” I said. I spent the rest of the day horny, excited, and unsuccessfully
trying to study. Late that afternoon, I showered, shaved and got ready for
my date. I was trying to decide what to wear again. I really wanted to
wear my new outfit, the tight polka dot skirt that barely covered my ass,
but I didn’t want to come across as too much of a slut. He had to already
know he was going to be fucking me though. I decided to wear my pink
skirt, white top that barely showed off my belly button, and white
stockings. I thought I looked more innocent in this outfit and I kind of
wanted the innocent look for my “daddy”. I drove to Gary’s place and I was
going crazy I was so horny. I walked up the driveway to his house. “This
place looks pretty nice” I thought. Gary opened the door and greeted me. “Well hello sweetie! You look even cuter than in your pictures.” “Hi there.” I replied as I gave him a hug. He was maybe an inch
taller than me, and he looked a couple years older than his pictures. He
had silver hair, a pretty nice tan, and a little bit of a gut. He looked
like he may have been in pretty good shape before but had let himself go a
little bit. He still looked pretty hot to me though. “Come inside sweetheart.” He said as he took my hand. “Dinner’s
almost ready, I hope you like lasagna.” “I love it.” I replied. “Good. Come with me to the kitchen and I’ll pour us a glass of
wine.” He finished up in the kitchen and I stayed there and drank my wine
and kept him company. I was really flirty with him and rubbed his back as
he worked. I wanted him to know exactly what I was there for. He flirted
back and tickled me a lot while I giggled, I’m real ticklish. We sat down
to eat at his dining room table. His house was really furnished nicely
with a lot of expensive looking wood furniture. His food tasted delicious
but I tried to be ladylike and only eat a little. I spent most of the time
giggling and touching his shoulder. Pretty soon he had his hand on my bare
leg between where my stockings ended and my skirt began. Feeling his hand
on me got me even more turned on. I really needed to get fucked by this
silver haired fox! I asked if he had a bathroom to freshen up and he told
me to go upstairs. I went upstairs and rinsed my mouth with mouthwash and
double checked my purse for a condom. I looked up in the mirror and saw
Gary behind me in the hallway holding two bikini’s (I had only planned to
be up there a second so I hadn’t closed the door). One was a pink bikini
and the other was yellow and looked like a thong. I was a little startled and said, “Ooh, you scared me.” “I’m sorry sweetie.” He replied. “I just came up here to get your
bikinis. I didn’t know what you liked Preteen Erotica so I got you two. Do you want to
try it on and we can check out me hot tub?” “Maybe later.” I said as I walked over to him and gave him a big
sloppy kiss. “There’s something else I’d rather do.” He kept his hands on
my hips as we kissed and then I asked “Where’s the bedroom?” “Follow me.” He replied and took me by the hand and led me down
the hall. His buying mew clothes made me even hornier than before. We lay down on his bed and kissed passionately. I loved to kiss
and he was amazing. He made me feel young and innocent as he held my hips
and I felt his tongue in Preteen Erotica my mouth. Soon he rolled my top up to show my
padded bra and kissed all the way down my tummy. When he got to my skirt
he lifted that up and kissed all around my clittie. I moaned in ecstasy as
he toyed with my body that was in heat. He then shifted my legs together,
lifted them gently up, and slowly rolled my thong down to expose my little
hole. “Do you like having your pussy licked?” He asked “Ooh Daddy I love it!” I exclaimed. “Ok sweetie.” He replied and started licking my twitching hole. I
moaned in ecstasy and he seemed to love licking me. I tried to reach down
and play with my hard clittie but he said “Not right now,” and held both my
hands so I couldn’t touch it. I writhed in pleasure for about 15 minutes
as he kept tonguing me. I kept moaning and begging for him to fuck me but
he just kept licking me into ecstasy. I continued rotating my hips as he
tongued me and Preteen Erotica his tongue stayed in me for the ride.
When I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore, he rolled my thong all
the way off and reached for some lube. I kept moaning that I wanted him to
fuck me. He rolled a condom on and squirted some lube on his cock, my ass
didn’t need any, it was already plenty wet. I raised my head a little to
watch him squirt lube on his cock so I could get my first glimpse of his
penis. It looked a little longer than average but was hard to see. I
stayed on my back with my knees tucked into my chest, waiting for his cock. “Are you ready baby?” He asked. Preteen Erotica
“MMM yes daddy, fuck me.” I begged as I reached down to spread my
ass cheeks a little. Gary lined up his cock and slowly entered me.
“Oooohhh” I Preteen Erotica moaned as I felt him slide inside me. Once he got all the way
inside, he stayed there for a second and kissed me. I moaned for him to
fuck me and he soon obliged. He slowly slid in and out of me as I moaned.
He kept calling me “sweetheart” and “little girl” as he made love to me. I
loved hearing him call me those names. It felt amazing and I actually felt
like he cared a lot for me, even though I had just met him. I worked my
legs so they were wrapped around him as he fucked me. After about 15
minutes of being made love to, he started to rub my clittie and whispered
in my ear that he wanted me to cum. I was so ready to spurt that he didn’t
have to play with me long before I came all over Preteen Erotica my tummy and his chest.
He continued to fuck me and came a couple of minutes later and collapsed on
top of me. “That was amazing sweetie.” He told me. “It certainly was.” I replied. He lay on top of me and stayed
inside me for a few minutes until his cock shriveled a little and slid out
of my ass. I looked at him with a pouty face as he slid out of me. “Ohhh,
I wanted to keep your cock inside me a little longer.” “In the morning. I’m getting old and can’t keep up like a young
guy” He said with a laugh. “You were amazing” I told him. Preteen Erotica Gary got up and disposed of the condom and then came back to bed
and put his arm around me. “So do you always meet guys on the Internet?”
He asked with a grin. “No, you’re the first one.” I said. Remembering Aline I added
“First guy.” “So I’m not the first then?” He asked still grinning. I told him
about Aline and how we had gone to the Preteen Erotica club the night before. He was
pretty turned on. He told me he loved Asian gurls. Then he asked “So I
bet you had a lot of guys after you last night.” “Sort of.” I said. “Did you dance with any guys?” “Yeah,” I said shyly. “Did you do anything else with them?” He asked again. “I just made out with one guy.” I lied, still a little shy. I
didn’t want Gary to think I was a real slut, even though I had been sucking
off a bunch of guys lately. “What a naughty little girl you are!” He said. “Making out with a
guy you just met last night and getting fucked by another guy you just met
tonight. If you hadn’t worn me out I’d spank my naughty little girl.” He
said with a laugh. “Maybe your naughty little girl needs a spanking?” Preteen Erotica
I said
hopefully. Gary just laughed. “So you like that huh? What else do you like?” “I don’t know,” I said shyly. “I’m not that experienced. What do
you like?” “I like to roleplay sometimes. You know, pretend like we’re
somebody else.” “Really?” I asked. “That sounds pretty fun. Like what do you
like to pretend?” “Different things,” He replied. “Like the girl is a hooker, or
schoolgirl, or something.” I got up and grabbed Gary’s chest and shook a little “Oh Daddy that
sounds fun! Can we try those?! Please, please please!” I pleaded. He laughed again. “Of course, just not tonight. Daddy’s a little
tired.” “OK,” I said. We talked for a little bit more and I went to sleep
in his arms. I woke up in the morning and Gary was still asleep. I got up,
freshened up my makeup and took a quick “hooker bath.” I wasn’t hungry but
I decided to make Gary breakfast anyway, so I went to the kitchen to see
what he had. He must like to cook because, for a guy living by himself, he
had Preteen Erotica
a lot of food in his refrigerator. I started making him an omelet and
orange juice when he came down stairs. “Glad you’re here” He said, “I thought you’d left.” “Just making you breakfast Daddy.” I informed him. “Sit down, it
will be ready in a couple minutes.” I finished his breakfast and brought
it to the table and put it in front of him. “Looks delicious,” He said “but aren’t you eating?” “I’m not hungry. Not for eggs anyway.” I replied as I crawled
under the table. “Where are you going?” He laughed. “I’m right here.” I replied as my head popped up between his legs.
“Now get your boxers down, I want my breakfast.” He did as I asked and
helped me pull down his boxers so I could get at his cock. Sucking cock
under a table sounds hot but it’s actually a little hard to do. I had to
watch it so I wouldn’t bang my head. I enveloped my cock in his mouth and
started sucking him as he tried to eat his breakfast. He enjoyed his food
while I enjoyed my breakfast of cock. He had one hand rubbing the back of
my head while he tried to eat. After a couple minutes he put down his fork
and used both hands to rub my head and I loved the feeling. I could feel
him tense up and was ready to cum. I decided to be a good girl and swallow
since he had bought me some clothes and I gulped down his cum. Besides, I
hadn’t had any breakfast. “That’s amazing sweetie.” Gary said. “Thanks Daddy,” I replied. “But I have to get going. Can I take my
bikinis with me?” “Of course. They’re yours.” He replied. “Just remember you
better come back and model them for me.” “Of course Daddy.” I said and ran upstairs to get them. I
couldn’t wait to try them on! I decided to leave the pink bikini there so
I could wear it in his Jacuzzi. I then gathered my clothes, rinsed my
mouth out, and went back downstairs to give Gary a kiss and head home.
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